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Gabriela Bustos

Entrepreneur / Women in Business / Empowerment

Gabriela’s emphasis and passion centers on: Digital Technology through Extended Reality. She embraced her education and shared her knowledge as a professor and a researcher at The University of Zulia (LUZ), from 1999 to 2015. Her emphasis in her research focuses on the implementation of virtual reality during the process of architecture design in studio teaching. She led, designed and implemented digital programs of virtual reality at the School of Architecture and Design, University of Zulia (Maracaibo, Venezuela). She served as the Director of the Master of Informatics in Architecture Program, Coordinator and Chair of Digital Art at the Contemporary Art Museum of Zulia, Venezuela from 2008-2011, and was Director, Interactive Architecture, Digital Design Program, Virtual Reality and Interactivity Mention 2009-2011.

Gabriela has left her imprint in research by discovering the implications of the design teaching-learning process, concretely in architectural and interior design, with the use of Digital Technology through virtual reality and interactive multiuser living worlds in architectural design studios. Gabriela continues researching to generate architectural design assisted with XR as a Studio professor at SARUP UWM (2018-present). Gabriela founded the first VR elective at SARUP UWM.


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