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J Stephen Sadler

Corporate - Business - Entrepreneur / Motivational, Children's Author

Chef J Stephen Sadler has spanned the culinary world as an executive chef, speaker, epicurean travel host and best selling author. His ability to make healthy eating fun, has made him a sought after speaker for elementary schools and youth organizations across the country. His “secret dishes” teach children that vegetables can not only be fun to grow and cook but can actually taste good. Who knew eggplant can make delicious brownies or broccoli, crunchy tater tots.

Every participant learns hands-on how to do just that! J Stephen’s Happy Veggies and upcoming Happy Fruits series of books bring vegetables and fruits to life for young readers. Both his Happy Veggies and Happy Fruits stories help children not only overcome the many challenges children face such as being different, feeling lonely and not fitting in but also excite children about growing, cooking and eating healthy vegetables and fruits.
A unique feature of each one of J Stephen’s books is the simple recipe at the end of each book that allows mom’s, dad’s and kid’s to make a unique, kid’s friendly dish from the Veggie/Fruit star of the book.



Quest Fort The Best - Bringing Fine Dining To Small Town America


Quest Fort The Best - The story of an unlikely chef who built an improbable empire from a lost family recipe.

“You only live once...
but, if you do it right, once is enough.”

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