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Jean Marie Russo

Corporate / Business / Entrepreneur / Empowermen

Family is everything. Jean Marie embraces her Italian and German heritage. She gives gratitude to her loving parents who are with her in spirit. The greatest success she feels she has already achieved: the miracle birth of her son. It is with special gratitude and recognition given to Dr. Mario Garretto, the GI Specialist who saved both her and her unborn child’s life and to Abbott Laboratories because of the need of the feeding tub and Ensure she is here today to give the testimonial.

Jean Marie took early retirement after caring for both parents for 20 years while maintaining a 25+ year career in the global corporate pharmaceutical world excelling in Global Meeting & Event Planning, Customer Service, HR, Diversity, Training and Development.

An entrepreneur of: Speaking of Success, Inc.; Pearls of Wisdom, Inc.; and It’s About People International, Inc., a Global Speaker and Matchmaker for Global Influential Speakers matching each of these exceptional professionals with Organizations, Corporations, Associations, focusing on specific platforms and categories in the Corporate sector, Health & Wellness, Body, Mind and Spirit, changing lives globally.

Jean Marie’s extraordinary passionate Speakers are her extended family: A Quantum Physics Master Depth and Distant Healer and Deeksha Blessing Giver, A Deaf Emmy Award Winning
Actor with the Avatar Series and creator of Navi Sign Language, International Film Producers, an 8 year World Professional Kick-Boxing Champion and Self-Defense Certified Trainer; Best Selling Authors, An incredible influencer who has a spirit like none other and is an amputee and is a brilliant protégé and friend of 20 years of the late great Zig Ziglar, A Retired Military Disabled Veteran with a Harvard University approved Anti-Bullying Program, A Dr. who is a Retired Military Disabled Veteran serving in the State of TX City Council, Professional Performers which include the daughter of the late great composer of the Royal Philharmonic Symphony, an Entrepreneur and Producer who is The Creator of the first Star Wars Ship, the iconic Barbie and eSports Gaming Founder; an Olympic Real Estate Developer; and Olympic and Paralympic Health Care Director for 15 yrs., An incredible Health & Wellness Dr. of Body, Mind and Spirit with a Global Radio Broadcast in 59+ Countries, and so many other amazing, empowering global influential individuals that have a heart like none other. Truly, all these individuals are making a difference globally.


“The two most important dates in one’s life: the day you are born and the day you find out your purpose.

The Legacy she wishes to leave embraces the priceless rewards received by taking risks. It’s not always about the money, it’s about the people whose lives are touched and perhaps changed because of the risks we’ve taken.”

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