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Maija Liisa Adams

Corporate - Business - Entrepreneur / Award-Winning - Motivational

Maija-Liisa N. Adams is the founder & CEO of Maija-Liisa Speaks, an Idaho-based global TEDx Talk coaching firm. Over the last seven years, Adams has helped more than 120 clients understand how to land, nail and use their TEDx talk to grow their impact and increase their income. As an international keynote speaker, she has spoken in a Northern Ireland Castle, will speak to over 500,000 people in India, has spoken at the International Women’s Day Conference and BYU-Idaho, where she serves as an adjunct professor in public speaking and professional presentations. Before starting her business, Adams was a Regional Sales Manager for a $1.4 billion-value global software company. Adams is also an esteemed member of Christopher Kai’s GPS global speaker community, where its members include #1 best-selling international authors, thought leaders, world-renowned athletes, and seasoned executives who reside in 120 cities, 30 countries, and 6 continents.



The Art of Risk & Reward

“Your ideas and experiences have power and carry greater weight than you might imagine.”

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