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Patrick Apoian

Motivational / Life Changing / Award / Winning Highly Decorated Detective

Retired Detective Patrick Apoian’s distinctive law enforcement career began as an officer with the City of Atlanta Police Department in 2002. By 2008, Patrick had become an Officer Of The Year recipient prior to his promotion to Detective in 2009. He would then become a vital member of the Atlanta Police Hostage Negotiations Team from 2010-2016. His last official call resulted in Patrick saving the life of an Atlanta Firefighter in 2017.

Detective Apoian’s awards and commendations include the City of Atlanta Emerald of the Year, Metro Atlanta Police Emerald Society, Service Award, Dekalb CountyBar Association, 300 Club Award of Valor, Atlanta Police Department Purple Heart Award, Broken City, Dedicated Service Award, Police Union Board of Directors IBPO, Former Atlanta Police Foundation, Deputy Director of Crime Stoppers, Humble Heroes 2009-2015.

Apoian founded Humble Heroes in 2009, an organization established to assist seriously ill or injured first responders and their families.


”Nothing is more important to me than spending good quality time with and providing for my family.”

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